so upset

my laptop arrived today, and the HD didn’t need to be wiped clean. Yay. First thing I do is insert my memory card from my camera to pull off the pictures I’ve taken in the last month. Card read error. Pictures all gone.

This is an ongoing problem with the camera, and why I try to pull the pictures off every few days.

Wally’s birthday. Wally’s party. Easter. A whole day of photographing Wally and Genna together. Untold projects. Some really good pictures of wearing Genna in a MT while assembling our chicken coop. Some projects that I photographed to blog about, but the projects are out the door, never to return, so I can’t rephotograph. All of my spring Leg Warmers. Which, fine, I can re-take, but I do have better things to do with my time.



3 responses to “so upset

  1. How are you deleting images? Are you re-formatting your card through the camera every time you wipe it out? If you are deleting them using your computer or camera…that could be your problem.

  2. Randy was able to recover them, yay!

    But tell me more about this. I typically just copy pictures off the card onto the computer using my card reader, and I USUALLY leave them all on there until the card gets near full, at which point I reformat it thru the computer.

    SOMETIMES when I pull pictures off the card, I go through and delete the bad ones to create more space on the card, but leave all the good ones. It’s my third-tier backup in a way. I’m so paranoid about losing pictures.

    I have a hard time with things I can’t touch, in general.

    Anyway. So should I just be leaving everything on the card at all times and then reformat thru the CAMERA? Is it OK to pull pictures off daily or weekly without reformatting?

  3. This could definitely be your problem. EVERY time I take photos off of my card, I re-format using the camera. You can find it in the menu/format section. It will ask you something dramatic like “are you SURE you want to do this?”. Say yes. It will re-format and wipe any old “bugs” off the card so you can start fresh. It’s quick and easy and should be habit each time you transfer. I think I’ve had a card problem ONE time in 5 years.

    Also, backup your backup! šŸ™‚ So glad he was able to recover them. Most cards can be recovered…you could take it to a photography shop if you were unable.

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