Photo A Day Finally!!

4/10 - Soccer
4/10: Beautiful Day. Wally found the size sticker I took off his shirt and put it back on.

4/11 - presents
4/11: Presents. Wally made us presents all weekend. This was a drawing of Tigger, for Tigger, along with the crayon and pen taped to the paper. One of Randy’s presents was a maraca with a feather taped to it. I got a pen wrapped in pipe cleaners. Awesome.

4/12: Easter

4/13 got mangled in the recovery process and is only half there. Picture Genna, looking adorable.

4/14 - Knitting in the car
4/14: Knitting in the trunk. Both kids were asleep in the car, we had an hour before we needed to take off again, and it didn’t seem worth it to unload and load back up. Eventually, Genna woke up and joined me in the trunk, where I was knitting, eating some girl scout cookies, and enjoying some water.

4/15 - W's Birthday
4/15: Wally’s birthday


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