Me to the City


I noticed that the replacement tree was planted today, and had a chance to speak with a gentleman from the tree company. He explained that the city told them where to plant the tree.

I don’t know if you’ve been involved in the decision making process on where to plant the tree, but the current placement makes no sense whatsoever. It’s planted about a foot or two away from the sidewalk, and directly under the power lines. This means that as the tree grows, the roots will undermine the sidewalk, which is used by many schoolchildren every day, and which we, as the homeowners, are responsible for maintaining. If the City insists on planting a tree that close to the sidewalk, I’m going to need some sort of agreement from the City that the City will be responsible for sidewalk replacement near the tree for the rest of time.

Additionally, the man from the tree company said that the tree, an ornamental pear, will eventually get to 20-25 feet. While this height is great from my standpoint, since the city removed a large shade tree and it’s nice to have it replaced with another shade tree. even though it will be unlikely to provide us relief from the summer heat for a number of years, it seems that the tree will, at some point, get entangled in the power lines, and we’ll start getting nastygrams from the City and MidAmerican about how unwise it is to plant trees under power lines.

What I’m finding particularly puzzling about all of this is that Gary Fox, in speaking with the City Council regarding this issue, used the arguments that the existing tree was too close to the sidewalk and too close to the power lines to really be worth anything in terms of repaying us for its loss. (Though I’m confident the old tree existed there long before the sidewalk or the power lines.) Yet the City’s replanting another tree that will eventually have those very same problems?

It would seem most prudent to consult some sort of tree expert regarding the best placement of a tree that will eventually get so large, to avoid any potential problems in the future.


One response to “Me to the City

  1. My mom argued to no gain when the county came through and scooped the ditches that she mows for drainage. In 30 years, there has never been a drainage problem there. The neighbors on the other side DON”T mow – didn’t dig out their ditch…wasn’t in their plans/orders. Now, she can’t mow them – makes sense, right?

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