Dahl’s is annoying

Everyone I know is just in love with Dahl’s. I went there this week for the last time.

  • their nondairy selection is horrid. no nondairy yogurt. no nondairy pudding. which we don’t buy often, but it is a super fun treat for Mr. W, and it’s fun to be able to pick it up on occasion.
  • they’ve started donating the reusable sack refund to keep iowa beautiful. if I had to guess? they were already going to donate or were already donating to KIB and this way, they don’t have to give us our 5 cents per bag. plus, they get a tax deduction.
  • their POS units (point of sale, not piece of you-know-what) say something along the lines of “for credit, hit cancel.” They really want me to HIT cancel? Don’t they mean press?? Is that being too picky? That is what 5 years of technical writing will do to a person. You never say HIT unless you mean HIT. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Sigh. It’s also just off the beaten path for me, so Hy-Vee is more convenient and every bit as local. It is further away, yes, but I rarely run out JUST to go to the grocery store, and if I’m going to combine errands, most of my other errands are usually out that way.

6 responses to “Dahl’s is annoying

  1. I’m with you. I really don’t like Dahl’s. It’s hard for me to find anything there, things seem to be more expensive, and I’m usually not impressed with their selection.

  2. I don’t do Dahl’s either. I go like twice a year to get bulk bars of Ivory and the special Turkish couscous I can’t get anywhere else.

  3. Ditto…seems more expensive, not as good a selection and I can never find anything. There really isn’t one all that close to us, but when I have the choice, it is always HyVee.

  4. Ya know, I used to shop at Dahl’s when I could literally see the signs in the front windows of one. But, I haven’t been to one at all since we have been back in Des Moines again.

  5. I want to love Dahl’s, because they treat their employees very well (compared to Hy-Vee). However, the Dahl’s at 86th and Hickman just doesn’t carry the kind of food we want. We buy most things at Campbell’s, New City Market or Gateway Market, supplementing with the Windsor Heights Hy-Vee or (for about 5 items) Costco. I really prefer to shop at locally owned stores.

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