Nursing Genna or be careful what you wish for

Remember me laying down the law for this kid? Among other things, there was going to be NO twiddling the other nipple when nursing. Remember that?

Oh, well, this one doesn’t twidde, no. She wriggles her underneath hand up and scratches the underside of the one she’s nursing from.

Which is WORSE because I can’t reach it to stop her. The twiddling is, in comparison, a breeze to deal with. Yes, nursing often seemed more like wrestling as Wally and I engaged in a deathmatch over control of the opposite nipple, but at least I could reach it to protect it.



2 responses to “Nursing Genna or be careful what you wish for

  1. I have to laugh. I’m hoping to stop this new baby from doing things like that. LOL.

    My older son, Ethan, would pinch and rub anywhere he could get his hand when nursing. Usually on my side. My younger one, Gavin, was like Wally and did the other nipple twiddle. It drove me crazy. I hope this new baby pats. Just a nice little love pat, that would work. 🙂

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