Attention Funeral Home Drivers

I believe that honoring the dead is important. Equally important, keeping members of a funeral procession together so that nobody gets lost on the way to the cemetary. I get it.

But let’s try to avoid making more business for yourself while getting the above two jobs done, eh?

I particularly did not appreciate the dirty look you gave me and the driver in the next lane after we’d both screeched to a stop inches from the side of your car, or the fact that nobody from your funeral home, who caused the accident and absolutely witnessed it, bothered to stop to help, see if everyone was OK, or give name and contact information as a witness.


Earlier this week, I was driving down 63rd, headed south over the 235 bridge. You know how, since the reconstruction, all the entrances and exits are pretty much blind corners? Well, as I am just about to the intersection with the eastbound exit ramp, two cars with TINY flashing lights pull out into the intersection. Note, I have a GREEN LIGHT and am going about 30. So me and the car next to me SLAM on the brakes. I left half my tires on the road. She got rear-ended. The guy who pulled out in front of us – and STOPPED to block traffic for the procession – gave us a dirty look.

What the? Ambulences and fire trucks have to STOP at intersections when they have red lights. And they’re usually on their way to emergencies. But funeral home cars get to just run right on through? What’s up with that?

After they had passed, I pulled off 63rd at the next intersection to go do my civic duty as a witness to an accident. I got both kids out of the car and everything. By the time we got back to the intersection…. um, the other drivers had exchanged information and left. lol. Hey, I TRIED.


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