Book review: Green goes with Everything, Sloan Barnett

I found this one to be difficult to read. There were just too many words on the page or something. Also, it’s kind of a lengthy ad for Shaklee.

That said, there is some good information in the book, particularly for those looking for easy ways to get started living Green. The book is divided into pratical sections, like “Clean Body,” “Clean Baby,” and “Clean Food.” She talks about the surprising number of nasties in soap, laundry detergent, makeup, etc.

Many of the suggested solutions are just alternate things to buy. If you’re just looking for “instead of Ajax dish soap, buy a green brand instead” advice, you could probably get away without buying ANY books, and just go shopping at Campbell’s or New City instead. But she does suggest things such as just forgoing baby lotion (babies usually don’t need lotion if you avoid drying soap and too frequent baths), etc. (no mention of forgoing makeup, though!)

(I’ll note, she calls disposables “safer.” I’m not sure what she means by that. I have yet to see a cloth diaper explode or do anything that would make me think of them as “less safe.”)


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