people are so annoying

I didn’t want my first post back after a mini break to be so, um, gloomy and nasty. But hey, it is what it is.

People are so incredibly irritating today.

Let’s see how much I can say without giving enough details to piss anyone off…

well, ok, the two that are bugging me the most, I can’t.

But then today, I called the place we stay at Okoboji to confirm our reservation. We inherited a timeshare from my mom, and I’ve never had to manage the details of it before, and it’s not like they provided us with any sort of new owner information, so we’re kind of trying to figure it out on our own. I don’t have our member number (my sister has it, and she’s apparently not talking to me any more, ever), and they claimed to be unable to look it up by name. Turns out, they just didn’t WANT to look it up by name. Then she was snotty with me about not being able to understand my voice message, and then she was snotty because “it looks like you ALREADY confirmed this reservation in march.” Yeah, ok, so I’m confirming it again, so what?

that was just irritating, really, but how hard is it to be nice??

The other two things… one is an attempt by me to be nice. Somebody asked me to do something, and so I carved some time out of my week to do it for them. Now they’re complaining about it and basically, ‘m going to have to UNdo it now. Not to mention that this affects others, too.

And the other one… I can’t say anything about. But I’m irritated.

So, everyone, stop being so annoying.

2 responses to “people are so annoying

  1. I hear you… I skipped protesting our increase in property assessment yesterday because the hubby said just forget it unless you are bent to do it and I was just tired of arguing for now… tired of fighting with Office Max credit on the phone all day for the bill I’m NOT going to pay to replace what they sent me wrong. Too much time has passed… IT WAS NOT MY ERROR, it was YOURS and I have no market for the copier cartridges that you sent to my work that are the wrong size for anything here…and the UPS sticker says you were supposed to send S35 and these are X25 and I didn’t know they were wrong until I tried to put one in my copier… YOUR MISTAKE NOT MINE… I told the hubby I should fight the assessment but I had used up all of my ‘fighting niceness’ and why is so hard for people to be nice and to look out for each other. I am a nice person, but it gets used up fast when nothing goes back into the nice bucket… is this as good as it’s going to get??

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