can an athiest really say that something is not a sin? I mean, if one is an athiest, is ANYTHING a sin?


4 responses to “wondering

  1. Why would an atheist say something was, or was not, a sin in the first place? (what’s the context here?)

    And technically the definition of ‘Sin’ is –

    A transgression of a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.

    I would say that if it’s a transgression of MORAL law, than yes, and atheist can appropriately say something is, or is not, a sin by that definition. However, I can say where many would want the term sin to be used soley in a religious context. But, by basic definition, it is not.

  2. I guess I usually think of an atheist as believing they make their own rules and do not respect or follow anyone else’s. SO I guess a sin would be against THEM not GOD. If you don’t do or say or behave in a way that they choose, perhaps that is a sin against them…. hmm.. food for thought. Perhaps a good question for the end of Sunday School class on Sunday.. something to leave them hanging!

  3. the more we mull this over in our household, the more I wish R’d just asked him during their conversation, but that wasn’t the focus of the conversation. But he said he didn’t think sex outside of a marriage was a sin in the context of a different discussion, and while at first glance, it seems to be an obvious statement, it’s not.

    While their conversation was about sex (oddly), it wasn’t about the nature of sin or athiesm and their relation to one another. Perhaps another day. Then again, R doesn’t usually have seriously deep convos with his friends.

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