Photo a Day

Well, it looks like I just deleted May 2-7 in an unfortunate Memory Card Cleaning accident. (I’m taking Sara’s advice to always reformat the card every time I remove pictures, but I kinda forgot that I was doing that and also that I had downloaded just that one week’s worth of pictures into this odd folder on my hard drive, and anyway… they weren’t anything stunning anyway, so not a huge loss.)

May 8:
5/8 - Grill-less grill
Driving around junk day in Urbandale, we found SO MANY of these – grill stands without grills. We didn’t get it, until Abby explained that metal recyclers usually snag the grills right away to resell as scrap metal. It’s not a funny now.

May 9:
5/9 - playing Doghouse with Aunt Lisa
Spent the weekend with my extended family in Alta. Wally loved playing Doghouse with my aunt.

May 10:
5/10 - Windmills
It’s been interesting watching the development of the windmill industry in NW Iowa. My aunt and uncle have several windmills on their property, and I think they’re a little uncertain whether they’re a good thing or not. They’ve had them for, gosh, over 10 years now. When they break down, the company just leaves them stand there, broken. They’re too expensive to repair. My cousin had a blade fall off one of his and it dug a HUGE furrow in his land (cropland) and on top of that, they’re still waiting for the company to come remove it. He ended up having to plant AROUND it, meaning that he loses some yield.

May 11:
5/11 - Playground

May 12:
5/12 - Genna

May 13:
5/13 - The little tree in my garden
I’m cultivating this little tree, that grew as a volunteer in my herb garden.

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