Unexpected Crafty Gifting

Star Trek Cloth, geek Triforce cloth, geek

Stargate cloth, geek Alliance Symbol, geek cloth

I knit four geeky washcloths a few weeks, and they’re all for Mikes. The Rebellion Insignia and the Triforce (from Star Wars and Zelda) were given to Mike Dennis, who is, if I dare say, more of a geek than I am. Though talking to Mike regularly is helping me reveal my inner geek more than I was previously comfortable. (Age has something to do with it as well. I’m no longer afraid of being found out as a geeky nerd.) You can read all about Mike’s geekiness at his reading blog. Star Trek and the Stargate cloths have been mailed to my brother-in-law Mike Motycka, who has had a rough time of it lately, and I hope that the cloths will remind him of our love and support. Mike likes Star Trek, I know, and has a subscription to Popular Mechanics, which is completely awesome. I’m not entirely sure that he likes Stargate, but here’s hoping!

Lit Magnets Literature Magnets
Also, I recently made some bubble magnets using some of the old beat-up children’s books I have on-hand for crafting. I’m keeping one set for me, but the other set is headed to Mrs. Stephanie, who does the preschool story time at our local library. Wally just loves her.

(Want some for yourself? I made extra and have some listed at my Etsy store.)


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