Our family inherited a timeshare at Okoboji from my mom. She actually bought it from my grandparents, and our family’s been going to this same place since I was, um, 12 or 13? 20 years now. Wow. It was actually kind of funny when I checked in and the girl asked me if I knew how to get to our house and I said, Oh, yes, because I realized that I’ve been going there for longer than that girl has been alive. Holy crap I’m old.

Anyway, one week per year, the house is ours. The resort’s definitely been through some changes over the years. I personally feel that it hit its peak in the late 80s, but the current owners seem to be making an earnest, if slow-moving, attempt to get it back in prime shape. A lot of things are kind of run down.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy it. Particularly, I like that the house is free-standing. No neighbors like you get with a lot of timeshares, such as the places my in-laws usually have, which are like condos.

OMG, the sun!!

It was cloudy and rainy most of the week, but the sun peeped out one afternoon and warmed up a bit.

Genna at the Beach 6/9 - Beach Fishing

I mean, you notice that I still have Genna in a sweatshirt here at the beach and, though you don’t see me, I was wearing my bikini, sarong, and cardigan. The picture on the right there is Wally with his worm friend – after dinner on nights that it was decent weather, we went fishing. Wally didn’t mind fishing. He was thrilled when Daddy caught a fish. But he was a little sad about hurting his worm friends, while at the same time happy to feed the fish.

Landscape - Okoboji

Though we had originally invited Randy’s sister and her family to join us for the weekend, it didn’t work out for them. However, we were able to bring up our two nieces, and Randy’s parents drove up to take the girls back home. After everyone else left, it was just us for the rest of the week, which was LOVELY. We moved one of the twin beds from the second bedroom into the master bedroom, which has a king, and we had the BIGGEST BED EVER. Holy cow. It was NICE. But at the same time, it was a little lonely, too.

So we’ve been considering doing that at home, but I think after the week, Randy decided it was a little too much bed..

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  1. There is NEVER too much bed. =) We have a double next to our Queen, and have one less child sleeping with us than you do. DO IT!!! You’ll love it…

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