Photo a Day

I run into trouble when I take only one picture in a day, it seems. 6/3 and 6/4 were not on my memory card. (A few  other pictures were either missing or empty or corrupted or half gray or whatever, but they were from days I went wild with pictures, so not a big loss.) I need to figure out why this happens.

6/2 A friend’s son loving on his new baby sister. (I did NOT ask for permission on this one, which is a major OOps and something I usually do, which is why i’m not putting names, but I will email the mother in question as soon as I get to my regular computer where I have her email addy.)

6/5 Fishing

6/6 Rainy day at Okoboji

6/7 okoboji
6/7 Okoboji

6/8 Miss G
6/8 Miss Genna

6/9 - Beach
6/9 At the Beach

6/10 Mini Golf
6/10 Mini Golf

6/11 - Almost done
6/11 Almost Done!


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