Christian Marriages

Abby has a great post over at Sugar Creek Family Farm about priority in marriage (ie: husband first, kids second).

I wanted to link it here and then add my own thoughts.  I agree with Abby that it’s so hard to remember to keep our husbands as a priority. It’s all to easy to let them fall into last place – I know with me, it’s that I just assume he’ll always be there – so I take him for granted in favor of whatever seems more urgent. Sometimes the kids get this, too – the kitchen needs to be cleaned NOW (or orders need to get out, or this soaker needs to be knit, or whatever) and the kids can wait. The kids need X Y or Z and so the husband can wait.

Or I’ve used up all of my energy and patience on the events of the day and have none left for when he gets home. That’s not how it should be, and a reminder of this is always good.


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