No, I will never get tired of this subject… lol.

Over the weekend, I was talking with some non-birthy friends about another friend who had just recently gotten completely hosed by her care providers in the recent birth of her child. It’s the same story everywhere. Due date = panic = induction = baby’s so obviously not ready = probably off on dates = pitocin = hard, hard labor = epidural = mom can’t move = C/S. Suddenly a couple planning for a nice, natural birth ends up with a completely unexpected (and unnecessary) Cesearean.

I wasn’t even going to discuss it, but it came up, and so I started talking. It occurred to me as I was talking that it might seem that I’m judging those who make decisions differently than I do. And that’s not really it.

People don’t have to make the same decisions I do.

However, I strongly feel that people should make INFORMED decisions. And I also strongly feel that, particularly in the care of pregnant patients, OBs in this country do not facilitate said informed decisions.

Yes, there are “informed consent” forms that must be signed. They list the risks. What they don’t say is “the use of pitocin makes labor much more difficult to cope with because you get the harsh uterine contractions but without the natural pain-relieving ‘high’ that you get with natural contractions. This makes it more likely that you will request an epidural for pain relief. The use of an epidural means you won’t be able to get up or change positions. Actually, you could, but your OB and nurses will discourage this, and will not help support your numb legs if you want to get more upright. Trying to push out a baby when you’re laying on your back or sitting on your tailbone is extremely difficult, since you’re working against gravity. As your OB, this is how I like it, so I have a nice view without having to bend over. Pushing in this position is difficult, and does not allow your pelvis to flex in the way it needs to to make room for your baby. After you’ve pushed for a while, I’ll tell you that your pelvis is too small, which is only partly true, and you’ll have major surgery.”


I like Dr Sears take on the issue – one of his books he talks about your choices in labor. He says he doesn’t care what you choose, but you need to know the truth about your options.

That’s how I feel, too. When people know the TRUTH about their options, then they are truly making decisions. Otherwise, they’re just being taken advantage of. And THAT is what gets me mad.

Mad at the care providers doing this to their patients. mad at the patients for allowing it and not taking the initiative to get educated.

4 responses to “Judgement

  1. WOW! You said it perfectly. Most mothers (myself the first time included) just listen, they aren’t REALLY knowledgable about all of their choices (or rather choices made for them).

    I am going thru this right now with my sister, and trying her to make her own birthing choices, but at least being informed about ALL of the options that she has.

  2. I just go to the GP in town and see the PA now for the annual exam. It was quick, easy.. she does the PAP smear, sets up the mammo, and we are good for a year. I have some questions about the menstrual cup this year and I bring it up and it is something she really has no information on…basically she doesn’t know what it is and what it does. I’m thinking I should print off a little info for her. I’m not all natural yet, but moving toward that on a monthly basis. We’re small town, but hey! I have the internet!

  3. I agree with everything you said. I try my hardest not to judge other people’s choices, but it is the fact that about 90% of the time they are not properly educated and think that what has happened to them was the only way it could have been because that is what someone told them. This has happened to many people near and dear to me lately and it is hard to keep my mouth shut. It is sad to me that so many women let other people make decisions for their own bodies. They will never know how empowering it can feel to know that whatever the outcome is, every step is something THEY have the power to choose..I could go on and on, but I won’t.

  4. I think people in general put way too much trust in Doctors. Unless it come to the commercials of pharmaceutical companies, then they know exactly what they want, even when Doctors tell them otherwise.

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