drunk breastfeeding woman

I don’t have an opinion on the woman who was arrested for being wasted while nursing. I mean, I think there were better options than arresting her, but clearly nursing while wasted is not a good thing, particularly if you’re the ONLY ONE there caring for the child. Nobody can adequately care for a child while drunk. I think the bigger issue is that one – that she was caring for a child while drunk.

But I darn tooting have an opinion on this quote, from the article linked above:

Authorities insist the woman’s decision to breast-feed was not the only factor in her arrest.

“This case is more than just the breast-feeding. It was the totality of the circumstances,” said Grand Forks Police Lt. Rahn Farder. “It is quite unusual for a mother to be breast-feeding her child as we are conducting an investigation, whether she was intoxicated or not.”

What the hell? The officer is saying that the other factor in her arrest was that she was breastfeeding in front of them? I cannot think of a single person I’ve interacted with in the last five years who has NOT seen me breastfeeding, except for the occasional salesperson when a baby has been asleep. My kids nurse often, and if they want to nurse, I don’t give a crap who I’m with. I will often try to be polite and discreet and leave the room if possible. BUT what did they think she was going to do? NOT nurse the baby because they were there?

Also, “her arrest on a charge of child abuse and neglect did not require a test.” So if they didn’t have to test her blood alcohol to make a case for child abuse and neglect, what were the charges based on?? I’m confused.


One response to “drunk breastfeeding woman

  1. That’s really unfortunate on a lot of levels that her nursing 6 week old is now in foster care and she’s in jail. But there are a lot of holes in that case; if her lawyer isn’t a complete moron, her case should be thrown out. They didn’t do a blood alcohol test? Sounds like grounds for a civil counter-suit to me.

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