Wind Turbines

Here at my house, we don’t get significant amounts of wind. Though I’ve wished we COULD have a wind turbine, and I guess we certainly could have one, it just wouldn’t make much sense.

My mom’s house, on the other hand, out by West Glen, received wind All. The. Time. We never did any studies, but my amateur guess is that a wind turbine on her roof might have actually paid off.

During a time when we as a nation are trying to cut down on our dependence on fossil fuels, and especially foreign oil, many families – urban and rural – are looking into alternative energy sources for their own household. Not content to trust that the power company is doing all they can, and not necessarily trusting that the power company will always be there, or that they will always be able to afford the power company’s services, more and more families are thinking about solar panels, wind turbines, and the like.

So why a town like Waukee would be considering banning wind turbines is a bit of a surprise.


One response to “Wind Turbines

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