And also

with time running out before vacation, we took our first camping trip of the season last weekend, finally. I hate how this gets later and later each year.

Genna did pretty well, though we both seemed to have a hard time getting comfortable. She has different space/proximity needs than did Wally, and it seems that one sleeping pad is not wide enough for both of us. I ended up sleeping on the ground next to my pad, with her taking up the whole thing. Um, unfair!

And other than Shriek Management (Miss G loves to scream at the very top of her lungs and also at the top of the range of sound humans are able to hear), things went well with her.

Wally threw up about 8 times.

So though we debated about heading to a friend’s house to camp with a group, or just heading out by ourselves to Springbrook, I think the Springbrook decision was a good one. Wally’s not sick, I think it’s just allergies. I used to vomit with allergies, too, and poor kid seems to be taking after me. But for a while, we really weren’t sure. And anyway, by ourselves, nobody else had to worry about him throwing up.

But can I tell you what I love about us? We can be headed out within about an hour of deciding that we are going to go camping.


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