Nonfiction: When All Hell Breaks Loose

So, All Hell Breaks Loose by Cory Lundin. Interesting read. Helped me think through some of our survival strategies and plans and stored items. Don’t laugh, when there’s a tornado or some other disaster, we’ll be eating good food and drinking good water and you’ll be envious.

The author is an interesting guy, and I think he kind of gets off on being interesting. He teaches aboriginal living, but he’s clearly a white guy. He brags about eating rotten tuna and mice he’s caught around his house. He carries on for pages and pages about the superior passive solar design of his (rural Arizona) house, which seems a bit out of place for an urban survival book, but fits in with his desire to brag on himself.

That said, I did enjoy the book, as well as his willingness to discuss things most books won’t touch (how to safely dispose of a body, for example, or how to safely eat a rat).


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