Nursing on Vacation, and Babywearing, too. and Cloth Diapering in Utah.

Of course, that’s the first thing I write about, eh?

As mentioned before, UT doesn’t have the same protections as Iowa, so I was trying to be careful. But I didn’t see a single other mom breastfeeding the WHOLE time we were there, and I can usually pick them out. Well, that’s not entirely true. I saw four women with what I assumed to be babies hidden under those hideous nursing covers that they sell.

So, generally speaking, I tried to find an out of the way place to sit when nursing Genna, rather than my usual walking around continuing with whatever I happened to be doing. (Yes, normally, Genna’s in a carrier, so you have to really be looking at us to see what we’re doing.)

And it was fine. I had absolutely NO problems. Several dirty looks, but whatever.

I was surprised, though, at the Little America truck/tourist stop in Wyoming. It’s just a glorified truck stop, but they do make it a nice one, and for regular people, not just truck drivers. I nursed Genna in the lounge in the ladies’ room for a while, but then got bored and ended up going back out to the store part where Randy and Wally were. Genna wanted to keep nursing once we were out there, which was fine. I tried to stick to asiles with nobody else in them. But I caught at least a dozen nasty – and really nasty – looks from fellow travelers. The only other nursing mom there (OK, the only other woman with a baby, and an Ellaroo wrap at that) went outside under a tree to nurse. Which I would have done, but, um, it’s Wyoming. It was like 150 degrees and she was using the only tree in about three square miles.

So at another stop in Wyoming – the Lincoln memorial one, I was nursing Genna just standing at our car. I was not being overly discreet because the only way anyone could see me was driving by really slowly and looking back over their shoulders. So an older (60s) woman did that on her motorcycle (yeah, it was a group of 3 people in their 60s touring on their motorcycles, it was adorable), totally saw me, and gave me the biggest smile. It was nice.

And then in NE another older woman came up to me, standing in the shade near our car, nursing Genna, and wanted to admire the baby. I kind of moved a bit, pulled my shirt waaaay down over her mouth, etc., but decided to let her look at Genna’s upper half of her head. The woman said “oh, she’s getting some mama’s milk, eh?” I said Yep, she got hungry. We made small talk about how adorable Genna is, and then the woman gave me a little hug and said “Oh, I’m so glad you’re nursing. That’s just wonderful.” Awwww. Made my day.

So babywearing. Yeah, they don’t do it in UT. Apparently. I mean, I saw easily 2 dozen front packs (Snugli and the like). Then finally one woman, also obviously a tourist, with a ring sling. Then we passed a woman with a ring sling hiking on Timp whose baby was LITERALLY about to slide out because she didn’t have him in there right at ALL and it was all I could do not to stop them and fix it. Then I also saw someone with a wrap, briefl.y in passing, at the history museum. She wasn’t wearing a baby in it, though. That’s it. That’s IT. Yeah.

Blogging about CD in UT over at Wallypoppers.


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