Photo a Day

7/1 Ice Cream Break!
7/1 A PMS-inspired Ice Cream Break. (TMI?)

7/2 Malcolm and the Two Timers
7/2 Mal’s new band

7/3 New compost bin
7/3 New Compost Bin. Aren’t we fancy??

7/4 Chillin out, maxin, relaxin
7/4. We party hearty. (or hardy??)

7/5 Beautiful baby

7/7 A naked boy in my yard, not mine


Yeah, the missing ones in there… I don’t know.

7/11 Hummingbird
7/11 That’s a hummingbird. Yeah, on a diaper.

7/12 Fishing
7/12 Fishing

7/13 Found him like that when I woke up around midnight

7/14 Ebayin'
7/14 Lame, sorry, taking pics for Ebay


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