Photo a day

So, we didn’t take any pictures July 15 thru the 19th because the camera was packed away. I considered keeping it out for taking pictures along the way, but, um, didn’t. I have really started to despise clutter in the car while traveling, and decided that a book, a notebook, and my knitting was ENOUGH, in addition to the cooler, the box of snacks, the toys, and the other kid crap.

The 19th thru the 28th were all vacation, and I won’t be posting separate pictures for Photo A Day from that. I’ll post vacation pictures in a little bit.

Last night, I took a picture of our laundry pile, but then the camera ate it. I really don’t know what happened. It showed up in the camera, but when I tried to upload it to Flickr, it was a black box. So whatever. It’s gone. Picture a Day will resume with today’s picture, and I’ll post next week.

OK, well the blurry one was there, the one where I didn’t realize the settings were wrong.
2009 vacation


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