New Updates

Nonfiction book read: Your Five Year Old by Ames and Ilg. Just another in their series, I’ve read them since One. Your Five Year Old is really short and basically says – first six months, they’re perfect; last six months, they’re hellions. Don’t start kindergarten. The end.

So that was good. I really like this series, and not only to giggle at the cute 70s-era assumptions. (Um, such as that your 5 year old should be able to run down to the corner store for you to pick up an item or two. And I remember that clip from Sesame Street, too. A Loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. But, um, not so much now.) But the books are good guideposts. This and that are normal for this age, expect this thing to change soon, etc.

Compliment a stranger. OK, on vacation I didn’t verbally compliment her, but I gave the One Babywearing Mom to Another Smile and Nod to a woman wearing her baby. Obviously a tourist like me.

Something for Randy. I really need to start getting more wonderful on these. I did pretty much all of the driving home and most of the driving to Utah, which is totally unlike me. Shhh… it was really the books on CD. I hate driving long distances because it’s so flipping boring, but the books on CD made it seem like not so much of a waste of time and I actually kind of enjoyed the break from parenting.

Memorize a Poem. I decided to memorize two poems, actually. First, the Tom Bombadill poem from Lord of the Rings. When put to music as on the CD, it’s very catchy. Also, Robert Frost’s The Road Less Travelled. My dad knew that one (and many others) by heart, and I do enjoy it so.

I continue to struggle with vocabulary. Not meaning to sound like a know it all, but it’s finding words I don’t know that’s the problem.  This month=sapid. Strong, pleasant flavor.

Work has begun on the Mystery Fall Event.


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