EC Update

IHappy Potty Girl!

It is going quite well, I think. I have been very haphazard this time around, but even so, Miss G is starting to figure out how to sign Potty (“toilet”) while she’s peeing. Eventually, we’ll get the sign BEFORE the pee, but I”m not overly worried there.

We’re getting 1-3 pees a day and about every other poop into the potty. Not too bad. And probably another 2-3 pees are not into the potty, but I knew they were coming and either didn’t trust my instincts, or we just simply missed it. Wally had this thing for a while where, if I interrupted him mid-pee, he’d stop peeing and not start again. Genna does the same thing, so if I move her while she’s peeing, she’ll just stop.

Around the house, she’s either naked or in just a diaper. Naked most of the time. While out, she’s in a diaper like the rest of the normal kids, and we just don’t worry about it.

I think we could definitely have made more progress if I’d been more focused, but I’m not, so there you have it. She’s getting to the age where I think things will start to click more readily, but we’re also quickly approaching the age where she’ll be more mobile, and that can often spell trouble for EC. We’ll have to see.


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