Kindergarten Homeschool

Well, Wally starts Kindergarten in September. (We’re old school here at Reid Family Private School, we don’t start until September!)

Mandatory enrollment is not until a child is 6 in September, and we don’t have to file proof of progress with the state until the year a child is 7, so we have a year before we have to worry about paperwork, and then another year before we have to prove to anyone that we’re learning anything. That’s good.

That said, I think it’s good to get into the habit of keeping track of progress. Not just for the state, either, but for those who ask what we’re learning, how I know that Wally’s learning things, etc. And for ourselves. So, starting in September, I’ll be posting – hopefully weekly – to Wallyboy an account of what we’ve done, what we’re doing, what our plans are, etc. The Wallyboy blog is also just where I document the insanely wonderful details of life with Mr W, so there’ll be plenty of that mama gushing going on, too.

This week, I’m reorganizing (yes, again) the homeschool room (aka the sunroom). I bought a few new shelves and some more plastic bins and whatnot. I’m trying to pay particular attention to putting things in boxes with lids so when Miss G decides to start crawling, we’re already ready for her.

Wally seems to function best right now when we have some sort of formalized Sit Down And Do Some Learning session, and I think we’re going to try doing it daily once we start Kindergarten. Just an hour or two (including reading, snack, and craft). But every day, so he can count on it. We’ll see how it goes, and assess after a month or so and maybe cut back to 3 days a week. We’ll see. I’m excited, if for no other reason than that we can use school supplies. And I do love me some school supplies.


One response to “Kindergarten Homeschool

  1. I love that you will be blogging about your homeschool experience with Wally.

    I’ve started doing a bit of “school work” with Gavin (he’ll be 4 in Oct). He loves the workbook idea. He only wants to do a page or two, but it’s his idea which makes it nice.

    And I do love me some school supplies too. I LOVE back to school shopping time. 🙂

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