Fiction: Winesburg, Ohio

I’ve had this book on my want-to-read list for years. I’m not sure, honestly, how it got there. I must’ve found the book among my mom’s old college things when I was in high school, and for some reason it struck a fancy with me.

Sherwood Anderson, for having few successful books himself, was a fairly influential author. His influence can apparently be seen in Faulkner, Wolfe, Steinbeck, and others. (Or so the introduction to the book says. I would not know. This part of Literature classes in high school and college always bored me to tears, so I just stopped listening.)

Winesburg, Ohio is an interesting read. A bunch of little stories that really don’t go anywhere and don’t even intertwine much. After reading about how this was Anderson’s main struggle with his books – developing any sort of interesting plotline – I can see how the format of Winesburg, Ohio is perhaps ideally suited to Anderson’s writing style.

So I’m glad I read it, but I wouldn’t say that it was the best book I’ve ever read.

It’s available at Project Guttenburg.


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