Nationwide makes no sense whatsoever

Now, I have to be careful here. Because my inclination is to say that the obviously brainless jerks at Nationwide can kiss my white a**, but I also need to acknowledge that my food and morgtage are largely paid by Nationwide via my husband.

But now on to the brainless idiots.

You may recall when Nationwide first started making their voluntary MyHealth program, well, mandatory. While still calling it voluntary. I mean, you don’t HAVE to do it. But if you don’t, they penalize you financially.

Now, I recently received a letter letting me know that, for next year, we’ll be assessed a penalty of $10 a month unless I start participating, as well. I think they largely are trying to get spouses to get on their own insurance, which is understandable, except that it’s not a smart financial decision for most families to have the two adults on two different insurances. And, well, I have no options other than Nationwide’s plans.

SO, fine. I’ll do it, of course.

Here’s the brainless idiot part. To participate, I have to have my “health numbers,” which include cholesterol, blood sugar, and that type of stuff. To do that, I have to go to the doctor. Nationwide’s health plans all allow for one well visit a year. Now, I normally would not be going for just a checkup. I don’t personally feel the need for that. So, now Nationwide’s insurance is going to get a bill for a doctor visit for me that they would not normally receive. In addition, as long as I’m going, I’m going to take both kids for a well child visit – Genna’s second one, and Wally’s first since he turned 1.

In their effort to save money, they’re going to spend money on three doctor’s visits they would not have otherwise received. SMART.

Then again, part of me wants to take their stupid survey and just enter the “Right” numbers.


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