The Fair

So here’s my quandary. The Fair. Stroller, wagon, nothing.

In the past, since having Wally, we’ve taken the stroller except the last 2 years.

When he was a baby, he was 4 months old at the fair and not sitting up reliably. plus, we were performing with my IL’s, who were our main source of on-set childcare. Wally needed a safe, topple-free, contained space to be in while we performed. The stroller was a no brainer. We dumped it in the car after our show.

the next year, he was 16 months old and highly mobile. Again, we were performing with the IL’s and he needed a place to be contained so he wouldn’t wander off. Stroller worked like a charm. We actually used it to stroll around the fair afterwards. Handy for toting all that “stuff” you accumulate at the fair.

by 2006 (if not sooner?) we were also performing again with Cap City Swing, so had my IL’s available to sit in the aud with Wally, who was just over 2. We brought the stroller for our ACT II performance (with the IL’s, so W had a place to hang out where he wouldn’t be in the way, wouldn’t wander off, etc) and also for our CCS performance, and then also kept it for the walking around afterwards, mainly because we planned to stay late, after dark, and hoped he’d go to sleep so we could do some social dancing that night. No go.

2007, no stroller. W was 3 and walked around and sat with my IL’s during our CCS performance. No ACT II any more.

Last year, same thing.

SOOOO. This year. if we didn’t have the performance, I’d probably forgo the stroller entirely. But we do have the performance. My IL’s will meet us there to watch our kids while we dance. Genna, at 9 months, is an accomplished sitter and doesn’t crawl. She doesn’t *need* the stroller in the same sense that Wally needed it – she can’t go anywhere, and she’s in no danger of toppling. In addition, she will have someone with her the entire time and will have no alone time. (When W was a baby, he was on stage with us, so his “alone” time was not so much “alone” as it was just without someone right there.)

Along with the performance, we have our bag o’ clothing and other associated items. Scripts, shoes, etc. Plus toys. With the stroller, we could potentially save ourselves the typical trip back to the car to dump off our performance-related crap, and just stow it under the stroller. Without the stroller, one of us has to walk back to the car, but then the four of us can stroll the fair unencumbered by the stroller, which I personally find to be highly annoying in crowds.

At the same time, I’ve been run over by strollers at the fair for most of my life and I have only a few short years to get my revenge, right?

It would be nice to lay her down in the stroller if she goes to sleep, especially if it’s hot. Actually, if it’s hot, it’d be great if she just rode in it, too. Will she? I don’t know. We’ve never used it, except as a portable chair in the backyard and at the Arts Fest. And if I do lay her down in it, it’s unlikely she’ll stay asleep for very long, so will it be worth it?

I can’t believe how much I’m stressing over this.

We briefly considered the wagon, but I think the downsides (um, PITA) outweigh the benefits (pull both kids). I’d rather listen to Wally whine about being tired.


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