Finished: Canning

So last week, I did some canning with my friend Abby. Let’s be realistic. I played with Genna and chopped some tomatoes (and Genna ate 3 cherry tomatoes, and she didn’t swell up, so even though they’re not recommended until you’re 1, I guess she’s OK). Abby did all of the work.

BUT I learned that canning tomatoes is not hard or scary.

So I was going to can tomatoes today. Then I realized that I had only ONE ring. I have jars. I have lids. I have one ring. Yeah, so I did ONE jar.

8/24 Canning

We’ll go out and get more rings tomorrow and I’ll do the rest of the tomatoes I have here. I think I actually might try tomato puree, since we’ll use that more than diced tomatoes. And I have jelly jars, which will be perfect.


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