The Colony

So you know I couldn’t pass up The Colony on Discovery. Premise: in Los Angeles, a virus has wiped out civilization and a group of survivors have to re-establish society. (What they mean by that, they do not say.) Generally speaking, it’s an interesting show. But seriously, there are some big problems that get in my way of enjoying it.

1. It’s Los Angeles. NONE of the survivors were packing when they left their homes? Seriously? It’s LOS ANGELES!

2. The group consists of: a computer engineer with 3o years of experience (so, old school, building computers and electronics from scratch), an ER nurse, a doctor, a martial arts instructor, a handyman and former burglar, a machinist, a marine biologist (ok, that skill set is not particularly useful in this situation), a mechanical engineer and army guy with some number of years in special forces, and an aerospace engineer.  If you can’t survive with THAT group, you do not deserve to live.

3. Today’s episode, one of the members “disappeared.” He was removed from the experiment. The remaining survivors are all in a panic about his safety, and what happened to him. At least from what we see, nobody suggests that maybe the producers took him. Obviously, he isn’t lying dead somewhere, people, this is NOT REAL.

4. They have moved into this giant warehouse. They keep complaining about it. But it’s got more space than they know what to do with, several (not running) vehicles, water storage tanks, tools, fuel, lots and lots of raw materials like wood, metal, etc. For some reason, lots of fabric. Uniforms. Even some liquor, food, etc. A TV, a radio, utensils. I mean, holy crap, folks.

It would be more interesting to have a few small groups of people (families?) who either had or hadn’t taken steps to prepare for a disaster, and then follow them as they cope. Either in their homes, or leaving their homes.


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