Back to School Lists

I’m embarassed that I didn’t think of this before…

I perused more than my fair share of school supply lists this past month. (the 12 glue sticks required by Ankeny for Kindergarteners was a bit shocking.) I couldn’t help but notice all the disposable and/or toxic “supplies” on these lists.

Now, obviously, disposable tissues (not Kleenix, as noted on most lists, which is a brand name) are the way to go for classrooms. I get that.

But Clorox wipes? Hm. Not sure there.

So… parents of children who attend school. What do you do? Do you just buy the single-use, toxic-ingredient Clorox wipes? Do you buy something else? Abstain? File a complaint with the school?

What are those wipes even used for? Do our schools not provide adequate cleaning supplies these days?


One response to “Back to School Lists

  1. I am going up against the school as we speak regarding the use of clorox wipes. 1st grade Kids are using them to clean the desks šŸ˜¦ I just think it’s wrong and think most other parents would too if they just took the time to read the backs of these containers!!!

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