Sen Kennedy – I just don’t care

I don’t know. I guess I just have a hard time having any emotions at all over the nontragic deaths of people who I didn’t know personally.

Sen. Kennedy had a long, full life and he died a natural death that everyone knew was coming. I’m not sure that I think that is something to be overly sad about.

I didn’t like him, I didn’t think he was a good person, I thought he was an obnoxious liberal Senator who fought for things I completely disagree with. That doesn’t mean I’m happy he’s dead, either. But it would be accurate to say that I’m glad he’s not going to be in the Senate any more, same as I’d feel if he had just retired, less happy than I’d be if he were defeated.

I wouldn’t call this “celebrating,” though I know some who I guess would. The phrase “good riddance,” though it was published elsewhere by others wrt Kennedy’s death, kind of sums it up for me, too. He’s dead, I’m not sad. I can’t imagine that whoever takes his place will be as bad as he was, so it’s a positive for the American people, from my viewpoint.

I’m chuckling over “he reached across the asile to pass No Child Left Behind” being repeated over and over as an example f how wonderful he was by the same liberal press who has said that NCLB is among the worst pieces of legislation, ever.

And, yeah, if you’re sitting there reading this all high and mightly and full of righteous indignation about how when Reublicans die, you’d be sad, yadda yadda. Well, hrm, then I guess you’re just a better person than me.

Though I think it might be more helpful to sing the praises of political leaders you disagree with while they’re alive, instead of waiting to do so after they die, just something to think about.


12 responses to “Sen Kennedy – I just don’t care

  1. I respect that you dislike Kennedy as an individual and a politician. However, although you may disagree with his politics, it is undeniable that he thought he did was was best for the American people. True, he was far from a perfect person, but he did his job well.

    I would describe myself as very liberal, and although I may disagree with the politics of some Republicans in congress, I would like to think that all of them are just trying to do what they think is right.

    You sentiment of “good riddance” is simply in poor taste. I cannot imagine saying something so offensive about even the most odious Republican politician. Do I think that makes me a better person than you? No. Do I think that what you said is crass? Yes.

  2. I would like to think that EVERYONE in Congress does what they think is best for the American people. I’m not naive enough to believe that, though. I don’t think it’s true for Republicans, I don’t think it’s true for Democrats, and I kind of doubt that you believe that about Republicans, either.

    You’re welcome to think I’m crass. I think that’s a misuse of the word crass. Perhaps the phrase “good riddance” is more offensive to others than it is to me. *shrug* I don’t think it’s offensive at all, but I also think that people need to get over being offended at every little last thing.

    I think, if we can define “his job” as being to push very liberal things in Congress, we can agree that Sen Kennedy did his job well.

    I have a hard time, after 8 years of Bush bashing, believing all the “oh, I would never say anything bad about a Republican, even if I disagreed with them” crap I’ve read in the last few days.

  3. If we’re going by Webster’s definition of crass (having or indicating such grossness of mind as precludes delicacy and discrimination; being beneath one’s dignity) then I think it fits the comment pretty well.

    If you think I’m naive, then that’s fine. I do, however, believe that the vast majority of people just want to do what they think is best. I see it every day, especially in the adults students I teach. Most of them have had pretty difficult lives and have every reason to only look out for themselves, yet do their very best to watch out for others. If they can do it, I have to believe that others (including politicians) can too.

    Think what you want about me, but I really don’t have anything nasty to say about Republicans on a personal level. Unless a public figure has done something illegal (which happens occasionally across the political spectrum) I really don’t think it’s appropriate to attack a politician for his or her personal life. Sure, I really don’t agree with George W. Bush’s political decisions, but I could not care less what he does when he goes home at night. There are a lot of bad things that could be said about his past, but what good would that do, other than to cause further division between liberals and conservatives? I have many friends and family members who are fiercely conservative (yes, really) and I wouldn’t attack them just because of how they vote, so why would I do the same to a congressperson or even a president? If others choose to, that’s their business, but I don’t.

    For the record, I never said I was offended. It takes a lot more than that to offend me. I simply pointed out that your comment was crass. Also, I never “called you names.” I commented on something that you did, not you as a person. See how that works?

    I find nothing dishonest in using my initials to identify myself, if that’s what I go by. However, if you need my full name, email address, and phone number for some pressing reason, I can certainly share that information with you.

    For someone who thinks that others need to develop a thicker skin, you sure seemed to take some offense yourself.

  4. Also, just for the record, I am not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I’m registered as an Independent, and have voted for candidates in all three parties. I do describe myself as very liberal, and although I agree with the Democrats on most issues, there are a few where I side with the Republicans. Yet another reason that I don’t badmouth politicians on either side.

  5. LOL, I’m noticing a theme here and it makes me laugh, but I can’t get into it.

    Just trust me, I didn’t take offense. I do enjoy responding to responses to my blog posts, and I am a bit tired of the political nastiness I’ve seen directed at other conservatives who dare to say anything other than “Senator kennedy was a saint, a saint, I tell you” and it’s probably coming out here as a general tone of frustration and disgust.

    I did google Crass, as well, which is why I said I thought your use was a misuse, but whatever.

    “I could say a lot of bad things about… but I’m not going to” is akin to going ahead and saying them, really.

    I’m glad that you can go about thinking that all politicians are genuinely doing only what they think is the very best, and that politics doesn’t play a role in, well, um, politics. But there are a LOT of back-door deals, a lot of people doing things because it gets them something, and a lot of people who follow what their party leaders say because they have to if they want support from said party leaders. There’s a lot of politicians who bring back pork because it gets them votes. There are politicians who don’t read the bills they vote on – or even sponsor (Harkin) – so how can they possibly know whether or not they’re doing what’s best? They can’t.

    I’m glad you’re above ever commenting on anybody on a personal level, even public figures. I am not sure that I’d call “obnoxious, liberal” an attack, or even necessarily a commentary on what anybody does when they go home at night, but ok. I guess it’s great that there are people such as you who never have negative things to say about anybody, it helps balance out the rest of us.

    I don’t need your full name, address, and phone number. I’m just accustomed to people having the balls to identify themselves with some sort of link back to their own blog, or their email address, or whatever. I understand if you wish to remain anonymous. I just choose not to, and am always surprised when others do. It seems like, if I am going to initiate a conversation with someone – particularly if I disagree with them – it’s polite and honest to identify myself, rather than hide behind two letters. But ok. whatever. I’m tired and I have a lot of work to do tonight.

  6. meant to add, one of the def’s for Crass that I found mentioned offensive, which is why I also used offensive, if you didn’t follow.

    For the record, though I’m not sure why it matters, I’m registered Republican so that I can participate in primaries and caucuses (caucui?). I don’t vote straight party, and actually identify more strongly with libertarians, though I’ve never liked the libertarian candidates. I’ve voted for Democrats before in my life. I evaluate each candidate on their own merits. I don’t think too highly of the national Repub’s right now, but I guess I don’t dislike them as much as I generally dislike the Dem’s.

    As I’ve said elsewhere on here, on a PERSONAL level… just regular people, not politicians, most people are trying to do/believe/vote for/encourage what they believe is best for themselves, others, America. I just think that many of them are misled or don’t fully understand the facts. Another goodly portion just simply are starting from a different view of how the world should work that is the antithesis of my own.

  7. I don’t recall every saying that I never had anything negative to say about anybody. I just avoid it when I can and like to believe the best of people until given a reason to think otherwise.

    “I could say a lot of bad things about… but I’m not going to” is not the same as actually doing so. I also could type a curse word here, but I’m not going to. That does not equal cursing.

    Also, once again, that’s my name, it’s what people call me. I’m sorry if two letters isn’t long enough for you. I choose not to put my email out there for people to spam. If that’s impolite, then so be it.

    I was a fan of your blog until today. After this conversation, I don’t think I am anymore. I don’t expect you to care about that in the least. That’s all I have to say.

  8. >.I also could type a curse word here, but I’m not going to. That does not equal cursing.<

    Sure, but that's different. Making implications about bad things in someone's past is not much different from just out and naming them.

    I'm not sure why you're so mad.

    I wasn't being sarcastic – it's great that there are people out there who don't have bad things to say about others. And, ps, the email address is viewable only by me, and is not available for others to spam.

    My responses here are no different than what I post on the blog every day. Well, not every day.

    DAMN IT I have work to do. Stop checking email, Sarah.

  9. PS, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you somehow. As I said, “I am a bit tired of the political nastiness I’ve seen directed at other conservatives who dare to say anything other than ‘Senator kennedy was a saint, a saint, I tell you’ and it’s probably coming out here as a general tone of frustration and disgust.”

    In a way, you’re right, I don’t care whether you or anybody is a fan of my blog or not. I don’t write to get an audience, and I do not make money from this blog. Or any of my blogs. I am aware that being honest on here probably affects my business in a negative way, and I know for a fact there are people who will not buy things from my store because I’m a conservative and not afraid to come out and say stuff like the above post. So be it. I refuse to be politically correct all the time, all the fakey people I know IRL who ARE really get on my nerves. (also, I’ve seen and heard how they act/talk when they think they’re with only like-minded folks, leading me to draw the “fake-y” conclusion.)

    That said, I don’t try to personally offend anybody, and enjoy engaging in discussions with commentors, who rarely (apparently) expect me to write back, and who (apparently) expect me to turn into someone else when I do. (not necessarily YOU.) So I’m sorry if my talking to you here has offended you such that you don’t think you can come back. Then again, if you think that my comments are crass, you probably don’t WANT to come back. Then again, I’m getting ready to write a fascinating post about my breasts, so there is that to look forward to.

  10. oh, and:
    >Also, once again, that’s my name, it’s what people call me. I’m sorry if two letters isn’t long enough for you.<

    I'm sorry I made you snippy, I wasn't trying to belabor the point, but you seemed to want for more explanation, so I gave it.

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