OK, see, when Wally was a baby, I didn’t have to do things like let his older brother have a popsicle in his presence, so there weren’t these situations where I had to decide if a popsicle was OK. Considering that these popsicles are all fruit and fruit juice and no added junk, I decided it was OK. Genna ate the whole thing… well, she ate it and also smeared it all over herself. But after every bite, she had this look on her face. This “what the heck is this crap?” look. I think it was either the cold or the acidity of the fruit.

8/28 I think this is one of the prettiest carriers I’ve made. It’s an Onbu. It can be yours.

8/29 What exactly is this thing and where did my hand go??


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  1. Wow, I have been reading your blog for probably a year now and totaly forgot that you make the baby slings/carriers that I have been coveting for the past 4 months! I am so saving and hopefuly been ordering one soon. A couple questions though: Do they work well with 27+ lb toddlers? and are they comfortable? They appeal to me becasue it seems fairly easy to carry said toddler on my back with it, I have a moby wrap but the process of getting him in it (with the back carry) is pretty near impossible. Love your blog btw, you have a lovely family!

  2. What a cutie you have there! I love your carrier too. It looks similar to my Ergo. My toddler hasn’t ridden in awhile, but I was thinking just this week that I need to dust it off in preparation for an upcoming event. Your pic jogged my memory! 🙂

  3. Carrie – a lot of people struggle with the Moby on the back – it’s just a little too stretchy, it seems.

    The Onbu is great for older babies and toddlers, because it’s meant primarily as a back carrier. Comfort is such a hard question to answer, because what one person things is comfortable, someone else won’t. I personally prefer the Mei Tai over the Onbu and find a MT to be more comfortable. I do have an Onbu (OK, I have two) and it’s not that it’s UNcomfortable, just my personal preference is for the MT.

    I have a really good friend who strongly prefers her Onbu (for her 2 year old). If I didn’t think a particular carrier was comfortable in most situations, I wouldn’t make or sell it, because, well, I have standards and morals. Most people who try one on find it to be comfortable. Statistically speaking, about half of people who are buying a carrier intended primarily for older kids to wear on their back end up with an Onbu, the other half with a MT. (Well, and a small percent end up with a Patapum, which is not by and large a huge seller right now.)

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