Done: Learn to Shoot my Handgun

pistol packin' mama

We went to Banner shooting range on Sunday, near Indianola. It’s run by the DNR. My gun (Beretta Tomcat), for being a tiny girly gun, has a surprising amount of kickback. Actually, the first shot was the easiest, when I didn’t know what to expect. The rest of the shots were a bit harder, since I found myself wincing in anticipation. Not that it hurt, it just was powerful.

I shot 2 clips, and got practice at loading the clip, loading the gun, unloading the gun, etc. I’m now confident that if I needed to, I could use my gun. I have a 50% chance of hitting my target, lol. Well, I have a 50% chance of hitting somewhere close to my target. Actually, my gun has a laser sight, but I couldn’t see it on the target 50 feet away.

Clearly, I have a ways to go before I am a competent shooter, but I think this qualifies as learning how to shoot my gun. I am confident in the use and handling of the thing, and I can shoot it. Ultimately, I’d like to take (and pass) the county-approved gun safety class that is required to get a CCW permit.


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