Good Riddance

Let me say something. I keep getting comments. On the blog, in person (yes), and via email. About the Good Riddance comment.

The Phrase Finder says “An expression of pleasure on being rid of some annoyance.”

As I took great pains to express, it wasn’t anything about being happy the man is dead, but about being happy he’s not a Senator any more. Less happy than I’d be if he was defeated. As happy as I’d be if he retired. I have no feelings whatsoever about his actual death from a personal standpoint, as I didn’t know the man and have no emotions whatsoever his passing. (except, I’ll say, there is some happiness there, as I said on Facebook, in knowing that his suffering is over, and particularly for his family. While I know their loss, more closely than most people I know, I also know their joy, more closely than most people I know. I know we as a culture are not supposed to speak of happiness at death, but in a nontragic death that is the end of suffering… it is happy.) Readers may recall I was saddened to learn of his brain tumor.

Readers may also recall the reactions of MANY political liberals to the news of, say, Tony Snow’s cancer.

I’ll also go on record as a skeptic that everyone who’s told me that they would NEVER EVER say something bad when someone they disagree with politically dies really means it. Or, more accurately, I’m skeptical that they aren’t thinking it. I’ll be particularly interested when, say George Bush dies. I anticipate hearing more about the stolen election.


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