I know many of my friends are holy cowing over the Duggar family’s 19th kid. Yeah, I think it’s a lot. Yeah, I think they’re crazy. I don’t want 19 kids. But if God chooses to bless me with 19 kids, I’m sure he’ll also bless me with the patience and the means to raise them. (He’d have to get to work, though, Randy’s getting kinda old…) The Duggar family is  self-sufficient and, since they’re not using my tax money to live, I have no problems with their own family decisions.

I think many of the concerns that people have are faith-based. Has she thought about what will happen if she dies? Probably. But that family trusts in God absolutely. He will take care of them. Not necessarily in the way we would expect, but He will. I think it is difficult for people who are not exposed regularly to evangelical faith to really understand it. I used to think it was weird, too.

Anyway, I wanted to pull up an old post of mine on being Quiverful. Yes, me. I am. And I thank God every day that my thin body is unable to support my cycle while also nursing a child under the age of 2. LOL. But the linked post talks a bit about how I got there. I thought I’d written another post about it being scary, but it was probably when I was in the dark depths of dealing with loss, and I’m not searching the right terms to find that post.


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