Finished: Five new to me local restaurants

Last week, after visiting the zoo, Wally, Genna, and I went to Fat Tuesday with Abby, Liv, and Asher. This is about only the fourth cajun restaurant I’ve been to in my life, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. One of them was in Memphis, so you’d expect that to be really good, right? The other two were in Des Moines – one bad and one pretty good, neither still open.

So Fat Tuesday was not bad. I had gumbo, the only gumbo I’ve ever had besides Randy’s, and of course I like his better, but this was pretty good. They have a non-cajun menu for the kids, which was nice. Not much for atmosphere, but it was fine – clean and cozy without seeming crowded. The owner sat us at a large table, because we had so many kids, which was just super – I hate being squished into small tables because hostesses think that kids don’t take up as much room. Maybe not their butts, but their food certainly does, and particularly when you need to keep everything out of the loooong reach of a 10 month old.

Anyway, this is the fifth of the five local restaurants I was going to try. This has been fun, actually. We do eat local restaurants, but tend to go to the same ones over and over and over, and now that we’re consciously thinking about NEW places, I think we’ll keep it up.


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