DeMint, how I love him

I mean, first Jim DeMint voted against CPSIA. He was one of a handful of folks in DC who seemed to realize what the legislation was going to do. (Even the CPSC, in issuing guidance after guidance, has repeatedly said “if only Congress had just given US some leeway here, this would be much simpler and less stupid” that’s a paraphrase…)

But I just read his health care plan. It seems very reasonable. I’m getting very tired of the “republicans are stupid” (yes, a FB friend of a FB friend said that) “republicans don’t want to do anything about health care” “republicans have no plan for health care.”

So do yourself a favor. Read DeMint’s plan. Read the ideas outlined in the Register on Sunday. I’ve decided I won’t take seriously anyone wishing to talk about Obamacare unless they’ve also read at least one of these two things. I’ve found that most people are actually not interested in learning about the issues, or the fact, or in taking time to consider alternatives to a government plan. Obama says we need a government plan, and that jives with the All Government All The Time mentality they already have, and that’s all that needs to be said. And it’s frustrating to talk with people who aren’t taking the time to educate themselves, but who are trying to argue as though they are.


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