I think I figured out what my trouble is with reading fiction. Well, not reading, exactly. Getting started.

These days, my time is so precious to me. I hate wasting time. It’s what I hate most of all. And another of my quirks is that I hate stopping in the middle of something. I’m getting better. But I hate just not finishing a book once I’ve started.

So those two things leave me in a quandary with books – I pretty much want a sure thing. I don’t want to start something only to find that it’s not very good. And I think there are a LOT of not good books out there. So I’ve started pestering friends with similar taste in books for their ideas, lol.

And, Abby, while I”m thinking of it, what was the series you’ve been listening to on audio??


2 responses to “Fiction

  1. There are several-I need to find the rest of the series on most of them. I like the Inkheart run. The movies do no justice to the books. Cornelia Funke is the author. I also started one that is a series called the Lands of Elyon, but have only been able to find the first one on cd. I have not checked the dmpl, yet though, which was part of the reason I went ahead and finally got a new card. We just rented the first in the redwall series, but I am not getting too into it, so we will most likely go another route the next chance I get to take it back.

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