be afraid. be very afraid.

I’ll freely admit that I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what Obama is going to do to our country. I’m worried about my right to bear arms. I’m worried about the government takeover of healthcare. I’m worried about the government taking over other industries (banking? autos?). I’m worried about the US government sticking its nose in even more places it was NEVER intended to be than it already is.

I’m seriously worried. Very worried. I mean, really really worried.

But yet I’m also willing to consider that many people I know were very very concerned when Bush was duly elected President. They probably felt then the same way I feel now. So maybe I’m worried for nothing, right?


3 responses to “be afraid. be very afraid.

  1. He pointed out last night that in the 1930’s many feared that Social Security would lead to Socialism.

    In the 1960’s many feared Medicare would lead to a “government takeover of healthcare”.

    Neither of which happened.

  2. Well, funny, because that’s exactly where we’re headed, though. I thought that was kind of funny, actually. “they were afraid it’d lead to government takeover of healthcare… and it didn’t… yet… of course, that’s eventually where I want this to go… just, you know, we’re not there yet… so don’t worry.”

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