“oh, who dared to call my president a liar?”

oh, no, the absolute gall of a citizen of the united states calling the president a liar! My goodness!!

Before you get yourself all worked up over someone calling Obama a liar tonight (I didn’t watch, but got from Facebook that that’s what happened), consider what things you might have called George Bush, who was just as much your president as Obama is.


Now, consider whether you’re a hypocrite.

Let me note that I do not condone the yelling of interruptions, particularly name calling, during a speech to Congress by the President. If nothing else, it’s rude and most certainly a breech of protocol. Just the outrage is kind of making me shake my head.


4 responses to ““oh, who dared to call my president a liar?”

  1. Having watched it, I agree completely with what you just said- it was rude and a breech of protocol and honestly, I feel quite pathetic that a member of congress didn’t have enough self control than to heckle the President of the United States. I know that there were quite a few speeches during the years Bush was in office, so I honestly do not know- did anyone ever scream,”Liar!” at him while he addressed Congress? I ask because I would feel the same way- it is disrespectful, (I feel) unnecessary, and doesn’t help your cause.

  2. Bush was booed at his State of the Union address in 2005 at least.


    My first reaction to “how dare someone call him a liar” was that I’d totally do it too. But I really wouldn’t. Not like that. I’ll call him a liar here. And if I were engaged in conversation and he started pulling some of what I think are lies, I’d call him on it. But I would NOT interrupt or in any way be rude to the President. As much as I dislike him, he is President. He is my president as much as anyone elses, just as Bush was everyone’s president (despite the “he’s not MY president” crap that went on). And simply by being President, he deserves respect and protocol.

  3. Yup, we totally agree, both are just completely inappropriate. Though the video link was interesting just because in the clip it seemed more to ebb and flow between boos and cheers, whereas this congressman’s outburst seemed less like general disagreement and more like name calling. I think that clip was a good display of how disappointed I can be in Congress as a whole, lol. I’m also not generally a fan of the agreement clap/ovation either. I think it all should be saved for AFTER the speech is finished- sometimes it seems like every other sentence is interrupted with something and I’d honestly prefer to listen to the speeches and develop my own responses to them rather than get distracted with which half of the room is sitting with their arms folded in frustration and who is on their feet in admiration.

  4. You know what I think is funny, though? We both misspelled “breach”- of course we’d spell it the birth-y, fetal positioning, “breech”y way. Brains on autopilot, I tell ya! Lol! 🙂

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