We went to go see the Icubs finally last Friday.

Wally got to get his picture taken with, um, whatever the ICubs mascot is named. He was thrilled. It was kind of downhill from here, until the fireworks. He lost interest quickly, and my husband, who has apparently never met his son, was mad that Wally didn’t want to sit and watch the game. What? So I ended up taking both kids and wandering around quite a bit.

I knitted early on while Genna was asleep. Some girls dressed like they were hoping to hook up said “Oh, my Gawd, she’s knitting!” “oh my Gawd, are you serious?” I wanted to say “you know, I can hear you, you hussy” but I didn’t.

Genna spent a lot of the game on the ground. We asked for an asile seat, and ended up with a nice little area for her to sit and play. It was relatively clean, too.

Wally was super excited for the fireworks.

9/4 Icubs
Of course, we nursed.


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