Photo A Day

Well, there will be an interruption. I did take photos every day. But apparently most of them did not get written to the card.

Apparently, the error code I’ve been getting (CHA) is actually fairly common for the Nikon D70 series, and it means “the camera can’t write to your card and nobody at Nikon knows why.” It has nothing to do with erasing pictures one at a time, not formatting the card, or any of that. Photographers who have only ever formatted the cards in the camera have the same problem. It’s more of a problem on faster/higher capacity cards, but once it starts, it seems to get progressively worse until you get to the point where I am – the camera’s recording about half or fewer of the pictures I take.


So a few days went by where the pictures are either black, or just not there. Nice. Our whole trip to the zoo with the Glanns – gone. Stuff around the house – gone.

So… 8/31 thru 9/5 – all gone.

9/4 I did salvage:
9/4 Icubs


There is an elephant hiding in a cave in the living room!


Walking to Drugtown to pick up something for dinner

Right to Life booksale

Yes, sometimes I put the kids in the bathtub so I can knit.


3 responses to “Photo A Day

  1. Have you tried anything to fix it? Using new cards or buying a compact clash card slot cleaning kit? Those are the only reasonably priced suggestions I’ve found (short of sending the camera in for repair). I’ve taken tens of thousands of images on D70s for work, and had the error a couple times, but just turned the camera on and off or taken the card out and put it back in and it’s gone away. Does it eat a lot of images you’ve already taken or does it go unnoticed a while and you just don’t get pictures you think you are taking? What settings are you using?

  2. We’ve used different cards, new cards, the old cards that worked previously. I haven’t cleaned it, i didn’t even know such things existed.

    I can’t find anyone locally to fix it, everyone wants to just send it in to Nikon, which will cost more than I want to spend on it.

    Generally speaking, if I just turn the camera off and on, it doesn’t help. Off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on. Nothing. If I eject the card and put it back in several times, that will usually do the trick. USUALLY. But then sometimes it says everything’s working fine, and I take a picture, and then the error pops up again, and then the next picture – or several – are gone.

    Sometimes when the error pops up, it eats the picture I just took.

    This last time, when the zoo plus several days’ worth of pictures before (probably 10 pictures all told) were gone, I have no idea. I check the camera every time I turn it on, and it won’t take a picture with the error message showing.

    I typically use the, um, forget what they’re called. Portrait, Landscape, Shutter-priority, etc.

  3. I’ve not found many suggestions that don’t include sending it to Nikon (for at least $300) or taking it apart and doing a repair yourself. I have a friend who always shoots on Raw+Large because it means there are always 2 copies of the image, decreasing the odds that both will be lost.

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