political doublespeak

I can’t keep this in any longer.

President Obama: “I’m open to new ideas (or other ideas) but will not listen to anyone who doesn’t want a public option.” That’s not an exact quote, but he’s said both of those things recently. What the hell? then you’re not really open to other ideas, are you?

Some Democrat in Congress: “We want to reach a concensus with Republicans, but ultimately if they can’t get on board with our plan, we’ll proceed without them.” So this means: we want it to appear as though we’re trying to work with those who disagree with us, but we know we dont’ need them, so we’re not trying too hard. To us, “compromise” means that they compromise their ideals to come to our side.”

Plus, um, in fact I believe the current health care bill DOES provide coverage for illegals. So, well, he was lying.

I also just wanted to note this quote for future reference:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who spoke to FOX News before learning who delivered the yell, said she didn’t intend to move to sanction anyone for it.” http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/09/09/congressman-yells-lie-obama-speech/


3 responses to “political doublespeak

  1. I wish more people thought like you! I think it is so sad that so many people are just sitting back and watching him run this country into the ground. WHY in the world should we provide health care for ILLEGALS? That makes me SO ANGRY.

  2. You believe it covers illegals or you know? And which “current bill”? Obama says nothing he supports covers illegals and FactCheck.org says the same thing.

  3. The House Bill is the only “current” bill I’m aware of.

    What i said was “I believe.” I haven’t committed it to memory. Strange, I know.

    Crap, I hit post before I meant to. I was remembering wrong, though, and the House bill (which, I know, is hardly the final one) does say “not for illegals.” So, on the face of it, Obama wasn’t lying. About that.

    The thing with the illegal coverage is that a – there’s nothing in the bill to prevent illegals from getting coverage, other than that it says they shouldn’t. (Well, they shouldn’t be here, either, eh? Democrats have not been willing to put any stronger language in there – THAT is what I was remembering.) and b – the unwritten thing here is that what happened in CA (courts decided that illegals could not be excluded) probably will happen nationwide (is my guess).

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