A reader sent me this email today:

While researching for new articles, I ran across something very interesting about the website FactCheck.org who hold themselves out as a nonpartisan “consumer advocate” for voters by pointing out the deception in campaign ads. It turns out that they are funded by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which is a part of the Annenberg Foundation. Annenberg Foundation also parents the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that Obama chaired with domestic terrorist William Ayers for eight years. Also very interesting is that the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center is Dr. Kathleen Jamieson who has a new book she coauthored titled, “Echo Chamber: Rush Limbaugh and the Conservative Media Establishment.” Is there perhaps even the slightest possibility that there might be a couple of conflicts of interest?

This quote was not from the reader himself, but a quote from this website.


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