I don’t mean to sound heartless

But, for the love of Pete, people.

I’ve paid into Social Security and Medicare for my entire working life. I seriously doubt I’ll ever see that money again. I don’t believe I’ll ever actually receive Social Security or Medicare. (To be quite honest, my dad paid into both systems for HIS whole life (longer than mine) and also never benefitted.) Part of me feels like, OK, fine, at least we can feel good about helping out our parents and their peers, right?

However. At this point, I just plain, flat-out refuse to pay higher health insurance premiums because old people think it’s “unfair” that they have to pay higher premiums because, as a group, they’re more expensive. I’M NOT PICKING UP THEIR TAB FOR THIS, TOO.

It’s not that I don’t like old people. I do like old people. I’ve taken care of my share of old people. But to saddle the younger generations with the care of not only themselves, but of their children AND the nation’s very large population of elderly is hardly fair. And it creates a long-term problem.

Take our family. Middle class, but barely getting by on a month-by-month basis. Raise our taxes and/or health insurance premiums with this whole “health care reform” crap and we have an even HARDER time getting by. This means we have less in savings. Our children’s college funds have less money in them. Our retirement fund has less in it. This makes us more likely to need government assistance as WE age… sigh.

(On the news this AM, they were talking about health insurance and how the AARP doesn’t like it that old people have higher premiums than young people.)


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