Global Update

10 fiction books: I’m trying to read Dune. We’ll see. Also listening to Inkheart on CD.

10 nonfiction books: I’ve read lots of nonfiction, but none that I feel “counts.” Like the guides to raising rabbits or snakes. And The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Disaster Preparedness. I’m curently in the middle of Red Hot Lies, Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, and SAS Survival Manual.

Learning German. I need to actually listen to the CDs.

100 Strangers. I haven’t photographed a single stranger.

New craft. Spinning’s going well, but I’m not ready to say that I’ve LEARNED it. Also, since spinning appears later in the list, I think I need something else for this one. Probably Screenprint.

Charitable Crafting: I’ve joined a few charitable crafting groups online, but I’m feeling I want to do something more local.

Power Tools: I need to finish up something for the chicken coop using the scroll saw, and then I’ll be good there.

Learn to Spin: see above.

Knit a sweater: I’ve picked out the pattern and will buy the yarn when the project comes up on my to do list. Currently, Christmas crafting is taking priority, and then a sweater for W, a jacket for Genna, and THEN me.

Bench Press my Bodyweight: I’m working on this. I’ve started lifting again in the mornings. I’m surprised at how out of shape I’ve gotten in the last 4 years of not lifting… ha.

Survival Book: I’m reading the SAS Survival Manual. Currently, I’m reading about how to trap small animals.

Rally or Protest: Really, if these people would just schedule protests around my calendar…

Playing in the Rain: This is proving to be difficult. I hate getting wet. Cold and wet is worse. I’m waiting for a warm rain. I think I’ll be waiting until next summer.


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