Natural Living Des Moines – proud to be central Iowa’s FREE source

I’ve just returned from the Harvest Festival at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah and spent some time on the way back thinking about how proud I am of Natural Living Des Moines. I started this site a number of years ago after being inspired by the ReDirect Guide I saw in Salt Lake City. I wanted Des Moines to have its own listing of resources for natural living.

Originally, I had wanted to turn the site into a print guide, like the ReDirect Guide. It would have turned the free listing site into, eventually, a paid-listing site. But the goal and focus have changed. It doesn’t make sense, really, to have a print guide. I mean, particularly for Eco-Living, right? Waste of paper, and energy, and everything. And I don’t think it’s right to charge anybody for the privilege of being listed here. I mean, what does it cost me but a few minutes of my time?

The publicity comes from those who are listed, in addition to my own efforts. I’ve been amazed at how much traffic the site gets, and more than pleased at the positive emails I get on a nearly daily basis. Natural Living Des Moines has grown so much since its inception.

Yes, now there are other copy-cat listings. Most of those are either pay (and quite expensive at that) or are sponsored by big-name media. But Natural Living Des Moines was here first, and remains – and will always be – free.

We’re getting ready to proceed with a few exciting plans that we’ve put off for far too long around here. I think you’ll be excited about the new developments, too. I look forward to sharing them with you as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, if you know someone who should be listed, have an event we should put on our calendar, or have a topic you think we should blog about, or – better yet – want to write something for the blog, just shoot us an email!!


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