you know, I love American History so much more now than when I was in school.
I’m reading the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. I keep thinking I want to post excerpts of some of the best passages, but I’d be posting the entirely of pages 1-50, at least, and I’m pretty sure that is illegal, lol.

So just go get it and read it yourself.

But my favorite recent quote is “Guess What? States had the right to secede.” (I’m only as far as the Civil War, which wasn’t a civil war at all since there were not two factions fighting for control of the government, but might actually be more appropriately named the War for Southern Independence. I could even get behind the War of Northern Aggression, to be honest.)

I actually didn’t realize, based on what was taught in school, how brutal the North was. The resentment in the South makes more sense now.


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