Steve Deace said something today while I was waiting for my segment. He said why, if I try to stop you from doing something that is self-destructive, should that be called hate? If I try to stop Tim and Jim from getting married, why must it be because I hate them? How have we gotten to a point in our society that people actually think that way?

It was so relevant to me today, because I came across just that very sentiment earlier in the day. “Doesn’t God love everyone? Don’t Christians know that? Then why wouldn’t they want gays to get married?” And I’ve also heard that semi-recently from someone in my life, too. “If you love me, you’ll want me to do whatever I need to do to be happy.”

It’s not about LOVE.

I love my kids. Today, they were both playing happily together. I went over and stopped them and it made both of them mad. I must hate them, right? Well, they were playing with these small glass beads that sometimes Wally uses for math, but that Genna absolutely will put in her mouth and swallow. They were happy, and they didn’t realize the danger. But I, as the parent, knew the danger that they didn’t see. And I had to stop them from doing something self-destructive because I LOVE them.

God loves us. I’m sure He likes to see us happy. But he also likes to see us not hurting ourselves. And He has a bigger perspective than we do (just like I have a bigger perspective than my kids d0). He can see dangers we cannot. And He has certain things He doesn’t want us to do because they are self-destructive. Not out of hate. Out of LOVE.

If I see a person in a burning building, but they are happily listening to their IPod and don’t realize the danger, should I just leave them alone? Because I can see that they’re happy, and because I love them and want them to be happy? Or should I make them UNhappy by busting in and dragging them outside? If I were to do so, would it be because I hate them? Or because I love them?


3 responses to “Hate

  1. Wow! Very thought provoking!! I have just recently met a gay couple [with children] who are wonderful & great parents. They have made me question my views. Just the way you do!! Isn’t it great Sabbath that we all get to have our own views?!

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